My son/daughter is driving now and there are so many distractions, how can I make sure they are safe behind the wheel?

Let’s face it, driving is dangerous.  Fortunately, we can control what safety features go into a vehicle.  Many times the manufacturer offers these options at the time of purchase or excludes the option for specific models.

Some vehicle safety measures have an affordable aftermarket alternative, or the same exact system can be installed by rolling tones at a more reasonable price.  What were you thinking?  Drop us a line.

  • Color Dashcam Installations
  • Bluetooth Telephones
  • Color Side Camera Systems
  • Color Rearview Cameras
  • Rear & Parking Assist
  • Mobileye Lane Departure Warning
  • Blind Spot Warning
  • Interior Mirror Upgrades
  • Trailer Hitch Installations